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After a sunrise we took a balloon ride piloted by a colorful American who Michael met on a previous Mara trip.

As silent as a whisper, in between the firing of the hot air into the giant balloon, we glide low over the sand colored grass. Hippos are returning along their established paths to their pools. Giraffe nibble the tree tops in large groups. Herds of elephant stand motionless in the surreal morning light casting shadows seeming created by a cinematographer. Our shadow hangs against the wall of the escarpment, picking up speed as an early wind begins to gather. I can’t believe this is real. Read More »

Our driver slows the SUV, he sees something off in the distance to the right. Soon we are aware that it’s a lioness and we see that she is followed, in single file, by eight more girls, each spaced about ten feet apart. They cross the road before us and continue into a field dotted with hillocks and termite mounds. As they gather into three or four tawny furred groups, they gaze around like chiseled periscopes in their sea of grass. The alpha female remains alone at the front of the pride. Off again to the right we see two adult female warthogs with a baby. Many of her siblings have perished. One of the adults perches atop the road tailings for a better view across the road. “See the lions!” we scream silently, “Run!”

They cross the road, again one adult perching atop the tailing. She seems to notice the alpha lioness, but what about the others? To our horror, she leads the other female and the baby directly into a path through the lions, tails held high, unknowingly headed into danger. In a flash, the lions are in motion. They trap the adults and isolate the baby. She is grabbed instantly, feet wiggling, screaming in the jaws of the great cat. They let the adult warthogs run off. “She’s gone” says the driver. But she is not gone. The lioness holds her clenched firmly in her mouth for minutes as the baby squeals and tries to struggle free. We want it to be over. Read More »

Hello from Jenni! Picture the tawny rolling grassy hills of South Africa, strains of Ladysmith Black Mombasa playing in the background and a dozen five month old lion cubs, half of them white, with their massive paws around your neck, licking up and down your arms, nibbling on your skirt and you have an idea of the glorious endowment provided us as we were welcomed into this vast and gracious country. Read More »

Early morning bush walk in Kruger National Park tracking a lion with a jolly guide…

I began these notes while sitting on the banks of the Letaba River. A herd of steenbok are grazing around me and occasionally one of the older drooling females comes over looking for a handout. Story of my life …

Letaba Camp Kruger National Park South Africa