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Once we were clear of the listing Explorer and the threat of the other lifeboat dropping onto us my attention turned to my new environment. The lifeboat was surprisingly crowded even with two short of the stated seating capacity.

Fortunately, this was not a typical cross section of people; we were mostly slim to medium sized, no XXL’s here. I can’t image what it would have been like if we had a full Thanksgiving dinner. Even though the lifeboat was under capacity with thirty-seven trim passengers there was no wiggle room. And let’s not forget we are going to be here for at least six hours without a toilet.

Before we left the Explorer, Captain Wiman announced there were three ships on the way to rescue us. The nearest was six hours away. He cautioned us it could take longer as they may have to sail around pack ice.

Clearly, comfort is not part of the design brief given to lifeboat architects. It would also seem they are not required to spend any time on a fully populated lifeboat testing its functionality. I can’t believe our lifeboat could properly function using the oars while fully loaded. I guess the assumption is when you board a lifeboat from a sinking ship in the middle of the sea you will take what’s there and be forever grateful. Read More »

Occasionally, during some of my more challenging adventures I wake up and ask myself, “Whatever possessed you to do this? What were you thinking?!” During my recent kayaking trip to Greenland, not only was this my waking thought every morning but my last thought each evening as I collapsed into my sleeping bag.

This was my first “serious” kayaking trip, having previously only kayaked around Krabi, Thailand and the kelp beds off Santa Cruz, California. This trip ranks as one of my most challenging adventures, not just the paddling but more importantly the packing and unpacking; shoehorning everything into a glove box sized compartment.

Symphony in Silence