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jafar2 What was expected to be a dry, cultural run down of ancient, biblical sites turned out to be a fascinating, amusing journey made possible by Jafar Ghazal, our Jordanian guide.

The Jordan tour was organized by the Siam Society ( 12 20 February 2007 led by Barent Springsted. The diverse group of 21 was a combination of Thais and expatriates. From the onset, Jafar demonstrated his broad knowledge of Jordanian history and culture. Jafar Ghazal – The Guide for Jordan

richie1 Richie Walker: A Must See in Bangkok! (Currently playing at the Penalty Spot on Sukhumvit on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights).

Can be spotted on the terrace of the Landmark Hotel on Sukhumvit hanging out with power brokers and intriguing Farangs and about town putting deals together and capturing the hearts of beautiful women! Richie is included in our People of Note section because he is not only multitalented but a loving son, great friend, and all around one of kind type of guy! Richie Walker

straka1Upon our arrival in South Africa it was our pleasure to dine with ‘Cino’ and his lovely wife Clair at the home of our hosts Luiza and Milan in a suburb of Johannesburg. The following day we had coffee with the ambassador in the impressive stone embassy located in Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa which contains 132 embassies, second only in number to Washington DC! Ladislav Straka, Ambassador of Slovakia

jimmy1Jimmy McKissic, an old acquaintance of Michael’s from Bangkok in the eighties, magically appeared by our table at Raffles in Singapore dressed in bright purple satin with the word ‘Remember?’ embroidered on his lapel as well as across his back. Known for his penchant for wearing two differently colored shoes, he’s is currently playing in the Writer’s Bar at Raffles. Read more about Jimmy McKissic

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