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A Zambezi Sunset

I’m starting these notes on a different river, the Zambezi, it is at a higher elevation with more lush vegetation then the Letaba River in Kruger Park noticeably fewer animals. I’m about 8 miles upstream from the Victoria Falls and the town of Livingston (Zambia).

I flew into Livingston, Zambia from Johannesburg and was met at the airport by Nick, a very outback kind of Afrikaner guy. Nick has recently returned from London with Amanda, his very British bride. Amanda is still trying to figure out where she is and what’s the attraction to this place.

As we walked out of the airport terminal Nick offered two options for getting to our destination, Thorntree Riverside Resort, a drive through the town of Livingston in an air-conditioned van or a short cut through the game park in the back of a Land Rover modified for safaring.

Having spent the better part of the day sitting on a plane I opted for the bush ride. Nick’s rye tone let on this option would be some sort of rights-of-passage, and it was, including a motorized form of Rolfing. Nick and Amanda sat up front. I sat on a narrow bench cantilevered off the back of the Land Rover. Read More »