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Quick Notes on Communication in Thailand

One of the lovely aspects of learning the Thai language is simplicity (along with the smiles you will receive in return for your efforts)! Spoken Thai is a melody of vivid descriptions, often idiomatic, that relate to objects. The novice Thai speaker is often in a better position than one who assumes an advanced knowledge of the language. Read More »

Some of you have written asking how I celebrate Thanksgiving in Thailand. In previous years, just like everyone else, eating turkey. This year, rather than eat turkey, I decided to go camping with a buddy whose family went to the States for the holiday. So, it was Granola bars with chocolate gravy.

Henry and I spent a couple of days camping in Khao Yai National Park looking at deer, pig-tail masques, elephant poo, hornbills and chasing the largest porcupine imaginable in the middle of the night.

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I’ve recently heard a different use of the expression, “Corridor Effect”. Rather than describing spatial changes of landscape patterns, a friend used it to describe the experience of entering a situation with a primary objective but finding unexpected doors of opportunities along the way.

Last month, while getting a haircut in Bangkok, I asked my barber if she could help me find a bilingual assistant to help with my current photography project. She said she knew just the person. A couple of days later, I met with Kamontip (Kamon) Chockthanyarat, a Thai education consultant.

In the course of our initial discussion explaining the purpose of the photo project, Kamon asked if there were other projects where she could help. I told her that there were two other projects I wanted to start but haven’t gotten around to them. The first was about the MlaBri people who I have wanted to learn more about for some time. I first read about them in the early 90’s. The article described them as a wandering nomadic tribe. It has been my intention to locate and photograph them. Kamon told me that she could get me access to the tribe through a friend of hers in Nan Provence where the MlaBri roam. Read More »

Krung Thep, Thailand 12 June 2006

Today commemorates the 60th Anniversary of the ascension of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX to the Chakri throne. For the past three days Bangkok has been a sea of yellow polo shirts.

Why yellow polo shirts, you ask? In Thailand each of the days of the week is assigned a color. The tradition originated with astrologically-divined battle tunics. Later it was taken up by the court and those who could afford a diverse wardrobe.

This tradition lives on. I could usually tell what day it was at the office by the prevailing color of the staff’s clothes. A surprising number of people still wear the color of the day at work.

Some senior Thai’s know the year and month but not the date of their birthday but they do know the day and the color.

The King was born on Monday, so his color is yellow. Read More »