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Category Archives: Laos

hilltribe1 Within the last 150 years, the Lao Soung (Hill Tribes) moved into the high altitudes of Lao from Myanmar, Tibet, and southern China. The largest group is called Hmong and they are subdivided into four main subgroups: White, Striped, Red, and Black (according to the color of their clothing detail). Their subsistence farming consists of corn and dry rice planted on the mountainsides with limited breeding of pigs, chickens, cows and water buffalo, all of whom can be spotted walking along the paths or roads as if they are pets. Their houses are built of available bamboo sticks with thatched roofs and woven walls with dirt floors or on stilts with floors of wood (see photos).

To describe them as large baskets would suffice. They usually barter amongst themselves: money is a rare commodity. Families are large. Read More »