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The Hippopotami

After breakfast I said my goodbyes to Amanda and Nick at the Thorntree Riverside Resort in Zambia. I took a van to the banks of the Zambezi, cleared Customs then caught a ferry across to Kasane, Botswana. I was met on the other side by Sue from the Elephant Valley Lodge.

Ron and Sue are what Nick and Amanda will be like in 20 years time. Ron loves the jungle lifestyle and Sue is hanging in there thinking next year Ron will get tired of all the fresh air, come to his senses and move to London. They are economic refugees from Zimbabwe. Elephant Valley Lodge is a tent resort located on the banks of a dry river bed running through a valley that define Botswana on one slope and Zimbabwe on the facing slope. The tree canopy is populated with vultures. Read More »

Early morning bush walk in Kruger National Park tracking a lion with a jolly guide…

I began these notes while sitting on the banks of the Letaba River. A herd of steenbok are grazing around me and occasionally one of the older drooling females comes over looking for a handout. Story of my life …

Letaba Camp Kruger National Park South Africa