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Monthly Archives: December 2009

The Mara Reserve Oloololo Gate is inhabited by an unexpected tenant. She’s eight years old, cared for by the guards since she was an orphaned baby. Named Lucky in Swahili, she’s an Eland, and just about as affectionate with her saviors as a domesticated dog, but this baby sports huge horns and powerful legs that could send someone clear to Serengeti should they be nuzzled too hard. Read More »

Writing from the porch of our tent perched upon the Ewaso Ng’iro River, flowing red and rapidly through the campsite swollen from the previous night’s rain up river. Despite the continued drought with loss of animal life and much detriment to the human life in this part of the high country.


Here in this magical and tranquil prairie surrounded by mountains, luminous soils and canyons and billowing clouds life has adapted to less water than in other parts of the country. Doum palms silhouetted against a multihued sky provide a desert theme. Male lions have very short mains since the average air temperature midday is too hot to support a full blanket of fur around their massive heads. Many animals derive their water from the food that they consume. Read More »

Bridge climber, latest addition to my resume

The first leg of this journey starting in San Francisco includes New Zealand, Thailand, Kenya, Egypt, England, Ireland, and New York for the holidays (2009), ending the trip while beginning the New Year back in San Francisco.

This is the first time that Kaze has had an opportunity to take an extended vacation with me. He has wanted to go to New Zealand for years and I have wanted to take him on safari but his work has prevented him from taking time off. Jon and Inge have wanted to go on safari, but like Kaze have not had the time. Jenni just loves going to Africa. A new member of our group is Mr Flat Stanley. Read More »