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Monthly Archives: June 2009

From Jenni: So often in our travels we encounter cultures and communities of very poor people living on the rim of subsistence. No shoes, no fresh water, no electricity and very little food, no medical attention. This is not to say that their cultures aren’t rich. Read More »

We were pleased to visit the imbali visual literacy project store located in the Museum Africa building in Johannesburg. Most items are made from simple or recycled materials. The originality, fine craft, and design of the wares are superb! We were shocked at the elegance, capriciousness, and quality of the items featured which are shown in Michael’s photos. Read More »

We took a boat down the Sangker River across Tonle Sap ( the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia), a designated UNESCO biosphere in 1997. During the monsoon season, water is pushed up from the Mekong River into the lake, flooding surrounding fields and forests making Tonle Sap one of the most productive inland fisheries in the world and extremely important for the Cambodian economy. However, in the dry season (roughly February to May), the receding waters can make it impossible to travel by boat. Read More »

The Kingdom of Cambodia is one of the world’s greatest conundrums. From the inspiring and dramatic ruins of Angkor Watt to the chilling reminders of Pol Pot’s Killing Fields this tiny country represents both a Heaven and a Hell. Read More »

Hello from Jenni! Picture the tawny rolling grassy hills of South Africa, strains of Ladysmith Black Mombasa playing in the background and a dozen five month old lion cubs, half of them white, with their massive paws around your neck, licking up and down your arms, nibbling on your skirt and you have an idea of the glorious endowment provided us as we were welcomed into this vast and gracious country. Read More »

Sri Thirisathi Maha Chandi Yaagam: In this world Sakthi prayer is considered to be the best prayer. We regard Sri Mariamman as our mother and chant Sri Devi Mahaathmiya Paaraayanam. Doing prayer and homam are the best forms to receive her blessings. Read More »

 Hello from Jenni! As we wing our way past Mozambique, arching over the cloud ruffled shore of Tanzania in our Singapore Airlines 777 overnight flight, I finally have some perspective on Singapore. Our 2 AM flight from Changi Airport to Johannesburg was ‘retimed’ to 3:40AM and the flight was continually rough, frequently awakening those fortunate to be able to sleep in the confines of the cabin seats.

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Quick Notes on Communication in Thailand

One of the lovely aspects of learning the Thai language is simplicity (along with the smiles you will receive in return for your efforts)! Spoken Thai is a melody of vivid descriptions, often idiomatic, that relate to objects. The novice Thai speaker is often in a better position than one who assumes an advanced knowledge of the language. Read More »