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Monthly Archives: July 2008

I’ve recently heard a different use of the expression, “Corridor Effect”. Rather than describing spatial changes of landscape patterns, a friend used it to describe the experience of entering a situation with a primary objective but finding unexpected doors of opportunities along the way.

Last month, while getting a haircut in Bangkok, I asked my barber if she could help me find a bilingual assistant to help with my current photography project. She said she knew just the person. A couple of days later, I met with Kamontip (Kamon) Chockthanyarat, a Thai education consultant.

In the course of our initial discussion explaining the purpose of the photo project, Kamon asked if there were other projects where she could help. I told her that there were two other projects I wanted to start but haven’t gotten around to them. The first was about the MlaBri people who I have wanted to learn more about for some time. I first read about them in the early 90’s. The article described them as a wandering nomadic tribe. It has been my intention to locate and photograph them. Kamon told me that she could get me access to the tribe through a friend of hers in Nan Provence where the MlaBri roam. Read More »