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Monthly Archives: July 2007

It’s surprising I don’t have more misadventures as a result of the minimal preplanned I do for most of my travels. This finally caught up with me on a recent trip retuning from Scotland. It was the last day of a driving tour I took around Scotland.

This trip was completely unplanned, no route, no reservations. I had a general direction but no schedule. I began the trip in Edinburgh drove north along the eastern coast then took the ferry across to the Orkney Islands. I returned through the highland on the west coast returning though Glen Coe eventually ending up at in Edinburgh. The weather was perfect during the entire trip making for a very pleasant drive with plenty of fantastic photo opportunities.

This part of the trip worked out perfectly. There were usually plenty of places to stay except in some of the smaller villages I stopped. Usually a B&B owner always had a connection with an accommodating neighbor. Where I went wrong was not following the events in Glasgow after the terrorist attack on the airport and thinking through the consequence this would have on flights. Getting to the airport was not enough, delaying my flight a day would have been a lot better.

On the last day, I was passing through Glasgow when three terrorists drove a flaming vehicle into the Glasgow airport terminal. I was listening to reports on the radio as I drove thought the city. It was the first day of this portion of my trip and the first day it rained. The rain made Glasgow less inviting so I slowly passed through the city and headed to Edinburgh where I was to fly back to London in preparation for my trip to Russia.

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Cruise ships are a family vacation planner’s best friends. Picture a floating, mega-resort with tons to do for everyone in a confined space where you know your kids are supervised and safe.

Many cruise lines offer voyages designed specifically for families, with expanded activity programs and shore excursions for all age groups and waterslides, ice rinks and climbing walls that keep kids and parents happy for days.

Some cruises have even developed on board programs that not only feature family together time, but also arrange crucial alone time for parents. Together, parents and kids can participate in mock game shows, story hours, treasure hunts and other activities. Later, adults can schedule a massage or spend time on the sun deck knowing their kids are enjoying a host of supervised games and activities.

Cruises are much like an all-inclusive vacation with the added benefit of being able to explore new and various places. They are especially good bets if the grandparents are coming.

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