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Monthly Archives: March 2005

March 2005

I began these notes while sitting on the banks of the Letaba River. A herd of steenbok are grazing around me and occasionally one of the older drooling females comes over looking for a handout. Story of my life.

Theree’s an ibis walking around the lawn and a lone elephant is playing in the river. I arrived at the Letaba Camp from Oliphants Camp earlier this afternoon. Along the way, I passed a kill in progress. There were two eagles, a Bateleur and a Wahberg, taking apart a snake.

By the time I arrived there was not enough of the snake left to determine its type. After about 5 minutes of watching the eagles eight vultures showed up, White Backed and a Lappet-faced vulture. The White Backed is the most beautiful in the vulture family but that’s relative. Within seconds what remained of the snake was gone.

So far I’ve been on three bush walks. Bush walks are a pleasant surprise because last year when I went to the Masai Mara I could never leave the vehicle but it is allowed here when accompanied by armed guides. Read More »